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Water damage is an unfortunate and highly destructive event that can occur at any time. Water damage can be caused by different things from broken water lines, AC leaks, and floods, however, the most common cause of water loss in South Florida can be due to broken cast iron drain lines. This issue can cause severe backups of the sewer lines in your home which can cause extensive damages. Not only can it cause a lot of damage, but it can also be a very big inconvenience. We not only recover claim proceeds to allow you to rebuild your property back, but we also consider any damage to your contents as well as moving out of the property due to the rebuild.

In addition to water damage, you can develop a mold issue. Molds is something that is extremely dangerous which we can assist with this process as well.

If you have water/mold damage in your home or business, the first thing you want to do is make contact with an adjuster that can help you overcome this issue. At Lucky 13 Public Adjusters, we specialize in verifying and negotiating claims for these damages, and can help you get the benefits that you deserve from an unfortunate circumstance.


We are Knowledgeable & experienced, and as a result, we have dealt with and solved hundreds of challenging Insurance claims. As claims adjusters, we've been exposed to a variety of different situations in which we have had to adapt and customize our approach to maximize our clients claims settlements. There should never be any concern about a problem you have that we can fix.

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Settling your claim is important, but the ability to settle the claim isn't all that matters. Adjusters are notoriously difficult to work with, but we want to buck that trend today. We believe that customer service is a large part of what makes our company special and we promise to always give you a level of customer service that makes you feel comfortable and informed throughout the entire claims process.


If you want to support a local company, then we are the right partner for you. We love our local community and we are proud to be able to provide comprehensive Claims Services and we plan to do so for the foreseeable future.
If you're ready to work with a Lucky 13 Adjuster that will take your needs into consideration and provide you with premium customer service, call us today to schedule a FREE consultation.

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